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The F.A.M.E program is research based and has been designed and proven to improve mobility/fitness and reduce fall-risk in clients post stroke. Our classes are unique in that they are run by Physiotherapists with special expertise and education in stroke rehab.

This means they are often covered under extended health coverage!

For more information on the FAME program check out:

How to start: In order to join you will need to have an initial 30 minute assessment by one of our physiotherapists to assess your function and get your medical history. Please use the button below to contact us and book so you can get started!



1. Can I claim these classes under extended health?

We have Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists who teach our classes. Each instructor has taken specific Parkinson's training in ADDITION to their professional degrees. After each class you attend you will be emailed a receipt with the instructors name and certification number. You can submit this receipt to your extended health plan however please be aware all plans are different and coverage will vary by provider and plan, we do not guarantee coverage.

2. How do I know if theses classes are a good fit for me?

Everyone who has had a stroke should undergo an assessment with one of our stroke specific Physiotherapists. In this assessment we will asses all your baseline measures and put together a plan specific to your needs. This may or may not include group classes depending on your level, goals, and what you enjoy.

3. Do I need a doctors referall?

NO. All you need to do is contact us to book your initial 30 minute assessment 


4. What do I need to bring to class? 


Always make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise. Please bring a water bottle to every session. 

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