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Covid-19 Precautions:

WE ARE OPEN! We are taking every precaution to ensure our clinic is a safe space for all who enter and encourage our clients to do the same. 



For practitioners & clients:




  • Temperature of 38.0 degrees C or ABOVE

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Headache

  • Muscle ache/fatigue

  • Other flu like symptoms


When attending your session:


#1 – You will be required to sign an online consent form prior to your first appointment back related to Covid and our new policies.

#2 – At each appointment your therapist will do a verbal covid checklist and confirm with your verbal consent that you are not experiencing any symptoms and understand the risks associated with Covid19

#3- Only essential spouses or carers should accompany you to your session.

#4 - Please enter and stay in the front area until your therapist clears you to come into the gym space.

#5 - There will be 2 waiting areas separated by a line on the floor when you enter, your therapist will direct you where to go when you arrive. If they are not there please wait outside the clinic.

#6 - There will be hand sanitizer at the front of the clinic please use this immediately after entering prior to touching anything and prior to leaving.

#7 – Please bring a mask if you have one. Masks will be required for all close contact treatment. We will have disposable masks available for purchase ($2.00 to cover our costs) if you need one.

#8 - Please do not use the couch in the waiting room we will have chairs available which will be wiped down regularly.  

#9 - Bathrooms will be available if needed and will be sprayed between each use. At this time we request that if it is feasible for you, you come dressed in your exercise clothes. This will help us avoid excess use of communal spaces.


Precautions we are taking:


  • Waiving all late cancellation fees. If you feel sick PLEASE STAY HOME.

  • Therapists will be wearing a mask whenever they are in close contact with clients.

  • Machines and equipment will be cleaned between each client.

  • Frequent Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be used

  • Black smaller mats will be used when going onto the floor in order to ensure we can thoroughly clean any surfaces people will be kneeling, rolling or lying on. If the large mat is used it will be sanitized between clients.

  • Clients will spaced out by 15 minutes and will alternate waiting areas to ensure time for the therapist to clean alternate areas between clients.

  • Armor EP50 Cleaning – This extremely safe compound is what we will be using to clean the clinic. It will be sprayed over the entire clinic space allowing us to keep the space clean and our clients and practitioners safe. This is on both the EPA and Health Canada list of accepted cleaners for covid-19.


We are working hard to ensure that we can safely re-open to treat our clients and appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate this unprecedented scenario.

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