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"...It was the most thorough review of my physical condition relative to my PD that I have had to date, including the assessments of the four neurologists I have had."
                                                     -Richard R. 


These sessions are tailored to your unique needs and are designed to challenge you to reach your potential no matter your stage of progression.

EVERYONE who has been diagnosed with PD should have a detailed Parkinson's specific Physiotherapy assessment as close to diagnosis as possible!



Feel weak? Have postural issues? Balance challenges/falls? Muscle cramping/dystonia?


Want to maintain your function at its highest level for as long as possible?

We can help! Contact us to book your initial assessment and get started on your individualized program.


Initial Physiotherapy Assessment


Subsequent Physiotherapy Sessions

1hr - $135

45 min - $115

30 min - $85

*Official Physiotherapy receipts will be provided for insurance and/or tax purposes.


  • Your full session spent 1:1 with a Physiotherapist. No assistants, no running between clients, just you and your practitioner.

  • Our new client package including PD resources, a weekly exercise schedule, interval training guidelines, goal sheets and more.

  • An experienced physiotherapist who will get your medical history, social history and details about your current condition, and listen your story right from the start.

  • Examination and testing of coordination, gait, posture, balance, alignment and function.

  • Education on Parkinson's treatment including exercise, medication optimization, sleep, nutrition and other approaches

  • A treatment/exercise plan designed specifically for you and your goals 

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