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Changing Parkinson's: The Fundamentals of Functional Movement (FFM)

Developed by NeuroFit BC founder Naomi Casiro, this course is designed to teach health professionals how to treat Parkinson's Disease through exercise, functional movement, and falls training.


Over two days, participants will hear up to date lectures, go through practical exercises, and participate in hands-on work with Parkinsons patients, learning new skills they can implement immediately.


This course will cover everything from basic PD knowledge and neurophysiology to specific exercises and key assessment components. Participants will learn how to use the FFM treatment paradigm, including gait training, falls training/ground work, movement flows and global movement skills to create individualized programs and highly effective group classes. 

The FFM training program was developed by Naomi and is used daily in both her Vancouver and Victoria clinics. Participants can expect to leave with the confidence to use these programs in their own work places to improve patient outcomes and help people with Parkinsons move better and live their lives to the fullest.


Naomi Casiro is a Physiotherapist and the founder of NeuroFit BC. She runs two Parkinson's specific physiotherapy clinics and developed BC's first Parkinsons exercise and wellness retreat "RISE". Naomi's passion for exercise based interventions began in her years as a swim coach and kinesiologist where she ran lifestyle bootcamps for adults of all ages. After years of PD specific post graduate education and clinical practice in both the public and private neuro sectors she went on to found NeuroFit BC. From the clinics came the development of the Fundamentals of Functional Movement treatment paradigm (FFM). When not in clinic Naomi works as an adjunct professor at UBC teaching upcoming physiotherapists how to effectively treat those living with PD and offers her weekend course to help practicing clinicians learn and hone their PD treatment techniques. Falls and functional movement training are a primary passion of Naomi's and an integral part of the treatment used in both NeuroFit BC clinics.


Vancouver, BC - Nov 2-3, 2024

(providence health employees only)

Kelowna, BC - TBA - 2024

Prince George, BC - TBA

Saint John, NB - TBA 





Who is the course for?

The Changing Parkinson's FFM course is designed for health professionals. Participants must have a degree or certification (PT, OT, KIN, RA, CPT, RMT, BCRPA) to become FFM certified. 

What will I learn and how?

Our goal is to help you hone your clinical decision making and critical thinking skills so you can make decisions based on the individual client you see in front of you and their unique set of challenges. You can expect to learn about PD assessment, treatment and neurophysiology and gain a deeper understanding of what to do for these patients and why. Falls training is an important part of our course, expect to learn how to train your clients to fall PROPERLY and what actual falls prevention looks like. We believe that hands on practice is critical to integrating knowledge and helping you apply it to your patients. The course involves a half day of practical work with other practitioners and a FULL DAY of hands on practice applying your skills with real Parkinson's patients.

Can I get CEC's/CEU's 

This course has been approved multiple times by various organizations for CEC's/CEU's we would be happy to help get your organziing body the information they need to approve the course. The final decision is theirs but we have not had any issues in the past

Is this knowledge relevant to non PD clients?

ABSOLUTELY! While our course focuses on parkinsons the functional movement and falls training is highly applicable to both older adult and other neuro populations. You may also find that the perspective and exercise ideas you gain will help you look at even your ortho clients in a whole different light!

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