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All online classes are $24/class all in person classes are $28/class. You will be provided with a physiotherapy receipt. Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for in person classes, after this time you will be charged as your spot can no longer be filled. DO NOT COME TO CLASS SICK. See our covid policies here

Please note all new clients need an initial physiotherapy assessment prior to joining group classes. Book online or contact us today to get started!


Level 1: These classes are geared towards those who are walking without gait aids, able to get up and down off the floor without assistance and are fairly early on in disease progression.

Level 2: These classes are geared towards those who may or may not use a gait aid, who have significant trouble with balance and may need extra time or assistance to get up and down off the floor. 

All our classes are designed to be challenging, this is how we create change! Your therapist will help guide you to the appropriate level, however if you are unsure feel free to ask one of our staff for guidance. 

Intervals: This class uses high intensity intervals interspersed with slower more strength and balance focused movements to keep you working hard while improving a wide variety of PD specific symptoms.


FFM: Fundamentals of Functional movement is a program designed by physiotherapist Naomi Casiro. This exclusive exercise based treatment program uses gait training, stability/mobility flows, global movements and falls training to improve function and help you move better than you ever thought you could! Be prepared to work hard and learn to move in new and fantastic ways, nearly all of which you can practice at home with little to no equipment.

APP: Amplitude, power and postural control, this class will help you stand tall and connect to your alignment so you can feel strong and stable throughout your day and life! As with all our classes be prepared to sweat and leave feeling great!

BOXING: This non contact boxing class will use goal directed movement, amplitude, coordination and sequencing on the bags to train your brain and improve your movement patterns. 50% of the time will be spent working on the bags and the other 50% will be spent working on PD specific exercises on the mats. 


Online classes are on a drop in basis CLICK HERE to connect via zoom (please note all new clients need to be assessed by one of our physiotherapists prior to joining classes)


These classes take place at our clinic and due to covid have a maximum of 8 people per class. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. You can register using the "register" button in the class of your choice on the calendar above.

24 Hour notice is required for class and appointment cancellations. 


The fee for online classes is $24/class, the fee for in person group classes is $28/class.


All our classes are led by specially trained and registered physiotherapists with specific post graduate training and experience in treating neurological conditions, specifically Parkinson's and Stroke. To learn more about our team click HERE.


If you have extended health benefits and depending on your plan, you may be able to claim these classes for coverage. Detailed receipts will be provided after each class.

To sign up for group classes please book your initial assessment or contact us today!



1. Can I claim these classes under extended health?

We have Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Kinesiologists who teach our classes. Each instructor has taken specific Parkinson's training in ADDITION to their professional degrees. After each class you attend you will be emailed a receipt with the instructors name and certification number. You can submit this receipt to your extended health plan however please be aware all plans are different and coverage will vary by provider and plan. We do not guarantee coverage.

2. How do I know if theses classes are a good fit for me?

Everyone who has a Parkinson's or potential Parkinson's diagnosis should undergo a detailed assessment with a Parkinson's specific Physiotherapist. In our assessment we look all your baseline measures including balance, gait, strength, posture, movement patterns and more and put together a PD plan specific to your needs. This may or may not include group classes depending on your level, goals, and what you enjoy.

3. Do I need a doctors referall?

NO. All you need is an initial assessment which you can book online at your own convenience here:  BOOK NOW

4. What if I am sick?

If you are sick please do not come into our clinic. See our COVID policies HERE

5. What do I need to bring to class? 


Always make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise. Please bring a water bottle to every session. For boxing classes gloves are required at the moment due to covid. Mikado martial arts is a great place to get gloves, their gear is very good quality and they give all our clients a discount (we don't get anything from you buying here), but you are free to get your gloves anywhere!

To sign up for group classes please book your initial assessment or contact us today!

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