What: Parki's in the park (Physiotherapist led PD specific exercise)

Where: Memorial South Park

When: Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:30am meet at the track (RAIN OR SHINE!)

*Please note you must be a NeuroFit client to attend these classes. Contact us for more information

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Class Location

VANCOUVER - 4364 Fraser St.


1 Class/week: $112/month
2 Classes/week: $192/month
Unlimited Classes/week: $280/month 

We know that consistency and accountability are integral to your success, this is why we take payment on a monthly basis. This structure gives you the flexibility to drop into any of our 5 weekly classes, while pre payment holds you accountable to showing up and ensures you get the benefits of what you are paying for!

* PLEASE NOTE MONTHLY CHARGES ARE AUTOMATICALLY PUT THROUGH REPEATEDLY ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. If you need to cancel your membership thats no problem, refer to our cancellation policy HERE

To sign up for group classes please book your initial assessment or contact us today!



1. Can I claim these classes under extended health?

We have Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Kinesiologists who teach our classes. Each instructor has taken specific Parkinson's training in ADDITION to their professional degrees. After each class you attend you will be emailed a receipt with the instructors name and certification number. You can submit this receipt to your extended health plan however please be aware all plans are different and coverage will vary by provider and plan, we do not guarantee coverage.

2. How do I know if theses classes are a good fit for me?

Everyone who has a Parkinson's or potential Parkinson's diagnosis should undergo a detailed assessment with one of our Parkinson's specific Physiotherapists. In this assessment we will asses all your baseline measures and put together a PD plan specific to your needs. This may or may not include group classes depending on your level, goals, and what you enjoy.

3. Do I need a doctors referall?

NO. All you need is an initial assessment which you can book online at your own convenience here:  BOOK NOW

4. What if I miss a class?

If you miss a week you are welcome to make up your class(es) anytime within the month.

5. What do I need to bring to class? 


Always make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise. Please bring a water bottle to every session. For boxing classes gloves are very strongly recommended. We have extras you can use your first class, after which we suggest you get a pair of your own  ( Mikado martial arts is a great place to get gloves, their gear is very good quality and they give all our clients a discount, but you are free to get your gloves anywhere!)

To sign up for group classes please book your initial assessment or contact us today!

"What I now know to be complex co-ordination skills are part of the physical tools I need to have to deal with the imbalances, freezing, and other common features of PD...Because these courses are available to me to challenge the progression of Parkinson's I’m reopening aspects of my own self that I’d long moved away from."
- Richard R.